Getting into Flow

I will be honest, I have let my art making fall to the bottom of the to-do list since graduating from undergrad.  Other than a painting for my dining room, I have not completed a true finished piece since 2007…Once I am done with my master’s, my goal is to set aside time each week just for art making.


Here is a watercolor I did once school let out for the summer; I started painting as a way to clarify my thoughts for my applied project (art school term for master’s thesis).   Something compelled me to save the throw-away demonstration I did for my art club students.  It could just have been my inability to throw paper away…but I have layered on top, and I think have created the beginnings of a new painting series?

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I’ve decided to work on making a book!  I want to do what I’ve asked my students to do this year — experiment with materials they’ve never used before & get to know them, build a dialogue.  So, I am going to make paper for my book.  I made paper for the first time with my 4th graders this year, and I’d like to explore the art form a bit more.

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