I used narrative in my applied project to better understand the changes that I went through this year.  Instead of taking “field notes” I often just snapped a quick photo.  Looking through the thousands of photos from this year brought memories, conversations, and details to mind.  As part of my applied project, I am building a visual narrative by making a handmade book with these photos.  I am using the photos, my unfinished demonstration pieces, and sewing to create each unique page.  Here is an in-progress sneak peak of one of the 60+ pages:


With my applied project much closer to being finished, I have more time to create.  I have been working on illustrating a children’s story written by a coworker.  It’s for a proposed book and children’s toy, so we’ll see!  Here’s a sneak peak:

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Going Digital

I have been playing around with an ipad ap, ipastels, that a new friend and local artist, Bree Sauers (http://breesauers.com/)  suggested to me.  I love being able to draw anywhere with no clean up!  But I also miss the feel of the pastel, too.  I wonder if technology will one day be able to give me that tactile experience!

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