On the fence

I’m still on the fence about drawing on my ipad.  There are some amazing aps out there (like Paper by 53, which I recently discovered), but does drawing on my ipad take away from the experience?  My master’s thesis was all about creating a dialogue with your materials – getting your hands dirty and learning through that experience – so I am conflicted.  Drawing on the ipad is quick, easy, can be done anywhere! I am very tempted to pay the $6.99 and get all of the tools in the ap.  The free version only comes with a pen and eraser, but if I paid I could get watercolors, pencils, and a thick sharpie!

I did the drawing below with my finger!  Because I was too lazy to go get my stylus…I like the stylized look that Paper automatically gives you.  But once again, is that helping or harming my creativity?  If I were drawing with a pencil in my actual sketchbook, I’d have to create the line variety myself.