I have been drawn to imagery of trees and nature lately.  In fact, I have made my 2nd graders create “tree” project after “tree” project.  (ask them – they think I’m obsessed!)  Aside from the initial silliness of being “obsessed”, we have talked about change — trees change and grow throughout the year, and so do we.  The trees represent us and how we grow and change.  We’ve studied abstract artists as well as artists like Andy Goldsworthy (a favorite of mine!), and we’ve done real tree drawings, abstract tree drawings, and even tree clay containers…

After attending the GAEA fall conference, I was energized to create. I began altering an old book I found in the mailroom at school.  So naturally, I am turning my book into a tree.  Here is an work-in-progress photo:



Because I finished my master’s program this past summer, my goal for the year was to spend the equivalent time I would have spent driving to/from and IN class making art.  My plan was to stay late at school and my classroom would double as an artist studio.


That hasn’t happened yet…and we’re almost half way through the school year.  If I stay late, it’s to work on school work, lesson plans, art displays, etc.

While I haven’t met my goal of making art every Monday and Wednesday afternoon (maybe I was boxing myself in too much?), I have been creating!

I have started an altered book, and I worked on a small commission.  Here is the commission: Lakehouse, 2012.

I just attended the Georgia Art Educators Association Fall Professional Learning Conference, and I have a renewed energy to create my own artwork.  I love learning and fellowship-ing with other art teachers from across the state!!  Check us out: GAEA